June 20, 2024

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Why The Health Of Your Two-Wheeler’s Tyres Is Important

Give your bike tyres the love they need this monsoon!

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your bike in good condition and preventing accidents. Bike tyre maintenance, including checking their condition, is crucial for longevity and safety. Neglecting tyres has led to accidents causing severe injuries. Therefore, every rider should understand motorcycle tyre basics, its lifespan, and its maintenance. Additionally, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance is vital to protect yourself and your vehicle.

How To Maintain The Tyres On Your Bike

Putting in the necessary work to extend the life of your bike’s tyres will also reduce problems with your bike. The following fundamental recommendations will help your bike tyres last longer and get better mileage:

  • Maintain Appropriate Tyre Pressure

Low tyre pressure is a crucial indicator of tyre health, causing a “spongy” feel while riding at slower speeds. Low pressure can lead to punctures as the tyre flattens. Keep in mind that various bikes have distinct pressure requirements. While over-inflated tyres can be risky, under-inflated ones can cause side wear. Consult your bike manual for the ideal tyre pressure to enhance your bike’s performance.

  • Be Timely In Making Replacements And Repairs

Taking good care of your bike’s tyres entails always paying attention to all issues. Regrettably, bike tyres are prone to blowouts, leaks, and punctures. If this occurs, riders need to fix the tyres in a network garage immediately. If the network garage is far away, consider filing a claim for a two-wheeler with roadside assistance coverage on your Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance and having your bike towed. Make sure you are well-versed with the motor insurance claim process.

  • Maintain Your Bike’s Tyres

During monsoon season, skidding two-wheelers are common due to muddy tyres, posing a risk of accidents. Regular tyre cleaning is crucial to prevent this, especially for long-distance riders. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance enhances safety by covering vehicle and personal damage, including third parties, in case of an accident.

Tyre Maintenance Advice For Bikes

  • Purchase The Correct Tyres

Customizing your bike with different tyres may affect its performance. It’s essential to be mindful of modifications, which can lead to a higher two-wheeler insurance premium. Using the right tyres that fit your bike           is generally the ideal approach.

  • Assure Proper Tyre Alignment

Your bike’s tyre alignment may need to be improved if you keep riding on tarmac, roads with lots of potholes, and other imperfect surfaces. The alignment of your bike’s rims and tyres can hurt the suspension system. Make sure your tyres are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground by performing timely checks.

  • Invest In Two-Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance

Riders must have comprehensive two-wheeler insurance if they want to protect themselves and their bikes from harm and danger when riding on public roads. In addition to providing rider security, Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance protects your bike from harm. To prevent unpleasant surprises when filing a bike insurance claim, reviewing the inclusions and exclusions in your bike insurance policy is crucial. For example, unless the policyholder has designated a specific rider for the same, most insurance companies do not provide reimbursement for tyre replacement. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

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